Make Sure You're Prepared for a Fire

We provide fire testing services

Your building relies on both its sprinklers and nearby fire hydrants to protect it from fires. If either of these systems fails to work when you needed them most, it could cost you your business or lead to injuries. That's why you should turn to Z3 Consultants for fire safety testing in Poughkeepsie, NY.

We'll thorough test both your fire hydrant and sprinkler system. You can count on us to find any problems with either system because we'll bring our experience, industry knowledge and passion to each project. We'll also educate you as we work, so you understand the ins and outs of fire safety.

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You can trust our thorough process

It's a requirement by the city to conduct annual fire safety testing for your building. Since this is such an important test, we make sure to perform a thorough diagnostic on your systems. Our tests include:

  • Testing the fire hydrant's water pressure
  • Testing your sprinklers for leaks

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